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Technical consultancy of the housing

services of planning, coordination, execution of works and budgets

energy certificate

the energy performance certificate provides useful information to the end user on the energy performance of the building or house you want to buy or rent

habitability certificate

Second occupation certificate if it refers to existing homes, necessary for sale, lease or transfer of use as well as to register for services like water, electricity …

Building inspection

ITE, system of regular monitoring of the state of housing in order to verify the duty of owners to upkeep, maintenance and rehabilitation

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on improvements, starting with the own housing
When you buy or sell a second hand property

It is advisable to visit the House with a CASATEST technician, and you'll save time and money in one of the most important decisions of your life. When we buy a car, an appliance, etc. Provide us with the product specific technical documentation, a energy expenditure, a maintenance manual, etc. On the other hand, when you buy a House (especially second hand), and it surely is one of the most important financial investments you do throughout your life, the information is minimal. Therefore, we propose that when you buy a home you have access to a minimum technical information of the dwelling and the building that contains, this tool will help you to know your housing; so at the time of purchase it and for its maintenance.

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tenim més de 20 anys d’experiència en el sector de la rehabilitació de l’arquitectura domèstica. Som un equip professional i imparcial, que et pot ajudar amb tota la documentació i informació que cal disposar abans de realitzar la compra d’un habitatge de segona ocupació, o segona mà.


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